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Iranian carpet with deep rooted thousands years of history has established a world class credible standing in international markets.  Passage of time with its political, social, and cultural changes has strengthened the standing of this Iranian noble art increasing its recognition.

Iranian carpet producers put Iranian carpet designers’ arts, passion, and innovation together with capable and artistic weavers to create original art pieces to be offered to the world.

Iran currently produces 5 million square meters of handmade carpets per year of which 3.5 million square meters are shipped to international markets.  The total export value of handmade carpet is about $600 million annually.  The traditional export markets for Iranian carpet are: US, Germany, Italy, UAE, and Japan.  The newest markets include China and South Africa.

Machine made carpet industry have flourished to a size of 1000 producers.  These producers use the latest available technologies and good quality materials with modern and traditional carpet designs to provide unique products to domestic and international markets.  Total production of this sector currently stands at 100 million square meters of machine made carpets and floor coverings.  The value of export in this sector now stands at $150 million.

Kohan textile journal is the only internationally recognized publication in Iran dedicated to textile industry with continuous presence in international textile markets and exhibitions.  The publication and distribution of this Directory are based on the belief that increasing contact between international business concerns with Iranian producers can generate opportunities and potential leads for both sides resulting into higher trading volumes.
Carpet producers’ directory presents a selected number of Iranian carpet producers along with the related industries including carpet yarn producers, machinery suppliers, chemical suppliers, and carpet designers. This directory is printed biannually for Domotex Dubai and Domotex Hanover and is available to all companies interested in expanding their contacts to Iranian or international markets.

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