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Tehran Carpet Company



“Tehran Carpet Company” is one of the well equipped and modernized machine carpet manufacturers in Iran. It has been founded in 1991 with the capacity of one million square meters per annum.

In conjunction with weaving Hall,“ Dyeing and Finishing House”;”Spinning Mill”;” Finishing and Packing Department”; “Designing Gallery” are supporting the very last trends, Tehran carpet complex has become the very much distinguished among all the other carpet manufactures.
In creating excellence in carpets, using high quality dyes, for their high light fastness and brilliance plus high quality raw materials (fibers) are very ruling which Tehran Carpet has focused thoroughly on this issue.

The machinery in Tehran Carpet Site are the collection of the most advanced and innovated machines of “ Van de Wiele” machine manufacturer from Belgium and Schonher from Germany which have been classed as the best carpet machines known.

The existing variety of the machineries in “Tehran Carpet” has enabled a large variety of carpets to be produced, as follows:
:: 700 dent, 8 colors,1500 density, acrylics
:: 500 dent, 8 colors, 1200 density, acrylics
:: 500 dent, 7 colors, 1000 density, acrylics
:: Gellim, 6 colors, heat set poly propylene that by ability to exhibit different exposed level patterns on the surface of the carpet finds a unique characteristics
:: Gellim 5 colors, poly propylene
:: Shaggy carpets, 4 colors, with fantasy yarns texture combinations from polyesters that because of its long piles reminds you the very comfort of hand made “Gabbeh”
:: Taffeta Carpet with capabilityof being woven up to 8 colors, with freeze polypropylene


The design group in Tehran Carpet with the motto of creativity and customer orientation following the world trends create and present numerous beautiful designs.

The designers with the help of their proficiency in their field and by using the latest various software’s in designing fields have been recognized by benchmarks and the customers as symbol of innovations.
Tehran Carpet design carpet personnel aim the very original folkloric and traditional Persian Designs as well as the modern new styles of trends to collect different customers’ satisfaction.
The design team by attending the very many most famous international relevant exhibitions and professional courses maintain their ability, capability and knowledge to be able to utilize both the new technology capabilities and the trends.

Your interior design orders and desires could be realized by the design team covering all your needs. Your orders could be generalized to all houses, hotels, religious spots, portrait carpets as presents, etc.  Your ideas for orders are accepted and realized into practice.


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