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Mashad Carpet Company



Mashad Carpet History

After tenure of about 10 years at the no.1 textile factory in Iran, Makhmal-e-Kashan (Kashan Velvet), Mr. Hamidi started Nasaji Khorasan (Khorasan Textile) in Mashhad. In 1379 and as a result of Islamic Revolution the factory was taken away from him and he had to start from zero one more time. He then founded Mashad Carpet and today after more than 35 years, it is one of the most successful & respected brands of Textile industry in Iran.

Mashad Carpet is the largest member of Mashad Carpet Group and one of the largest manufacturers of machine-made carpets in Iran. The Company established in 1978 with the production capacity of 240,000 square meter in the city of Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran.

In order to be a respected and competitive manufacturer locally and internationally, Mashad Carpet has always benefited from a committed and experienced management team and skillful engineers and workforce. The production capacity continuously increased to 2,400,000 square meter annually. Today utilizing best fibers from Germany’s Dralon, highest quality dyes and chemicals from top European companies, and pure New Zealand wool and pure silk yarn has strengthen Mashad Carpet’s presence in local and worldwide markets.

Mashad Carpet is well-known for its high standards of quality and innovative designs and is the pioneer producer of the highest quality machine-made area rugs in Iran, the Middle-East and worldwide. From designing stage to delivery of the products to dealers and end users, Mashad Carpet’s attention to details and commitment to excellence have made it a respected leader in the global textile industry and a proven choice among consumers.
Deployment of high-tech new Machineries across production floor is a testament to its dedication to quality and customer service.

Mashad Carpet incorporates the following subsidiaries throughout its production

Mashad Dyeing

Mashad Dyeing was founded in 1372 with the starting production capacity of 4,500 tons of Acrylic yarn annually. Today the production capacity has reached 11,000 tons of Acrylic yarn and 100 tons of wool yarn. This company is one of the largest Fiber Dyeing facilities in Iran.

Mashad Spinning

Mashad Spinning was founded in 1369 with the starting production capacity of 3,800 tons of Acrylic yarn annually. Today with the help of a talented team, the production capacity has reached 5,200 tons of twisted Acrylic yarn Nm.12

Design House

A group of talented and experienced carpet designers thrive on creating new designs for worldwide markets. The latest computer design technology is being used in our design department. There are constant training courses for our designers to maintain the department at its highest level of creativity and to make sure they are adapted to worldwide designs and coloration trends.

Domestic Sales

For 31 years, Mashad Carpet has enjoyed a dominant market position in Iran. Mashad Carpet’s designs have always set the bar in the domestic market trend. Iranians know carpet very well and are always looking for new ideas and best quality. We deliver our carpets to end users through an effective and efficient network of wholesalers, resellers, and company stores. Right now we are operating 18 stores of our own and together with our brand retailers we are present in 30 cities nationwide with more than 66 stores.



Mashad Carpet group is a conglomerate made of several independent manufacturing companies with diversified activities in several fields such as Leather, Leather garments, Leather accessories, Carpets, mink blankets, Food Industry, and cleaning products.

1. Mashad Leather

2. Negin Carpet and Negin Spinning

3. Laleh Mehregan Blanket & Spinning

6. Gandom Dasht Mashhad

7. Babak Chemical


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